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i am xcesiv.

My name is brandon jp scott, but to most I'm xcesiv. I am a software engineer and entreprenuer from a mitten. My body of work is Gamer Ammo, a gaming fintech. I have been developing for over ten years and have experience working in large corperate settings and small startup level energy. My passion is making things. When I'm not coding you can find me in the kitchen cooking food, studio making music, or writing in my journal. Let's change the world.


Gamer Ammo

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO my role is to direct the corporate vision and lead the team towards a successful launch of both the platform and our token as well as keeping us driving beyond that. I've successfully built a team of strong individuals who are ready to gear up and drive home the launch of what I believe to be the best startup I've seen within an industry that we can truly make an impact that will benefit the lives of the user base.

Argo Labs

Technology Director

Our team designed and developed on the web for small businesses with one employee and large corporations with thousands. I was a Co-Founder and Technology Director of Argo Labs. I managed, maintained, & protected our clients information on our dedicated servers and lead the development process for new websites, applications, & programming.


Senior Pincipal Engineer

Petdal provides direct access to other people, their services, and their products without "pages"​ or "profiles"​ full of redundant information like the other guys do. With a simple question from your powerful, uniquely tailored assistant, Laura, Petdal provides said access in the form of hyper-relevant, quality answers in the form of text, pictures, videos, and application functionality. All Laura needs to do is ask one thing... "What's up?"


University of Michigan

2011 - 2015

Bachelor of Science in Engineering - BSE, Computer Science

Application of engineering methodology to computer science with an emphasis on networked server security, operating systems, and a minor in entrepreneurship.

Washtenaw Community College

2012 - 2014

Associate of Science - AS, Information Systems: Programming in C++

Application of Object-Oriented Programming method for design and security implimentation for scalable information systems.


Gamer Ammo

Gamerammo is on a mission of declaration. Gaming is a Profession. We provide an incentive to win outside of the game so you can stay in game. We want people to stop saying, "You're wasting your life playing video games." Gamers — Look them in the eyes and say, “it’s my job.”

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When you spend time on social media or finding content to take you to the next level, there's no added value to your gaming. On Clutchat you can squad up, discover content, post your own, find a coach, and be that clutch support to others.

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